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Self-Publishing India

Self-Publishing India

Self-publishing in India is taking off and writing an eBook is now a viable option for all Indian authors.

I will show you how to self-publish your eBook with confidence. I will guide you through every step of the way from starting with an idea for your eBook all the way to seeing it published in the online stores including Amazon.

Self-Publishing India

Kindle Publishing Guide

1. Prepare your manuscript and cover
2. Meet Amazon’s guidelines
3. Sign in to KDP
4. Go to your Bookshelf
5. Click + Kindle eBook
6. Enter Kindle eBook Details
7. Enter your title
8. Enter your description
9. Enter your keywords
10. Enter your categories
11. Upload your manuscript
12. Create your eBook cover
13. Preview your eBook
14. Kindle eBook Pricing
15. Select distribution rights
16. Select a royalty plan
17. Set your list price.
18. Click Publish Your Kindle eBook

Kindle Publishing Benefits

While self-publishing an eBook through your own author website or blog has its benefits; there is a huge upside if you can reach, connect and be found by your target audience on Amazon’s Kindle store.

Kindle Publishing does come with its own challenges for first-time self-published authors but the payoff could be life-changing if you achieve best-selling status.