Imminent Court Ruling in Tom Kabinet Case to Decide on Future of Used eBooks

While many of us will be running around trying to do some last minute Christmas shopping on December 23rd, there will be a very important decision being made in the Netherlands with regards to a case involving used eBooks. This decision will have a significant impact on all authors if the decision goes in the favour of Tom Kabinet.

The case is between the Dutch Publishers Association and Tom Kabinet.  To summarise, the publishers believe Tom Kabinet infringes on copyrights when it comes to offering used eBooks. The argument that Tom Kabinet is using is a decision by the Court of Justice of the European Union back in 2012 which ruled in a dispute between Oracle and UsedSoft that the trading of ‘used’ software licenses is legal and that the author of such software cannot oppose any resale.

This pending decision is being keenly watched by the entire global publishing industry and all authors. If the court rules in favour of Tom Kabinet, there is the potential for numerous online businesses to start-up and offer used eBooks. This will obviously change the landscape in how eBooks are sold and re-sold or offered.

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