Write a Compelling eBook Sales Page to Sell More eBooks


Write a Compelling eBook Sales Page to Sell More eBooks

When writing the sales page for your eBook, it is important to utilise and incorporate proven techniques.  There’s that word – proven!  In this case they have been tried and tested by successful eBook marketers.  When you write your sales page, make sure you write it as is you were directly talking to the reader.  Imagine that they are sitting there right in front of you.  Don’t write it as if talking to a group or the whole world.

Your Sales Page Should Follow the Guidelines Listed Below:
1.  Great Headline
Your headline must be eye-catching and trigger the right emotional response to continue reading.  You will only have a few seconds to achieve this otherwise your viewer will move on.  Open with a strong headline that will elicit interest and excitement.

2.  A Promise
What can your eBook do for the reader?  Improve their life?  Make them more money?  Make them look younger?  Make them feel happier?  Create and develop some form of drama.

3.  A Claim
Example: You will lose ten kilograms by Christmas; make $500 in the next two weeks, improve your love life….  This is where you will aim to further strengthen interest.  You will want to show your visitors immediately that you can meet their needs and solve their problems.  Explain why the information or story line in your eBook is different to other eBooks already being sold.  Justify the purchase!

4.  Proof
Use testimonials from satisfied customers to prove that what you claim actually works.  Testimonials often contain a person’s photo to personalise the results.  Stimulate desire by providing benefit after benefit so that you can continue to hit that spot that builds their desire to have your eBook.

5.  An Offer
Offer the reader something they can’t refuse.
Example: Buy now and receive these bonus eBooks; buy now for half price!

6.  A Call to Action
This was discussed earlier in more detail.  This is taking the reader from curious viewer to buyer!
Humans are by nature ‘procrastinators’ and if you don’t give your customer a convincing reason to take action now, then most likely they will put it off for later.  And this could lead to no action at all once they get past the ‘buy on emotion and impulse’ phase.  This is especially true on the internet where users are ‘time poor’ and are easily distracted.

Remember that a ‘Call to action’ is where you give the viewer a deadline to take action to get the ‘special deal.’  This ‘special deal’ could be; a free eBook, bonus chapters, free eCourse, discounted membership to your site, or a bonus that will soon expire.  You must get your viewer to take the appropriate action.  You will want the action to be as easy and obvious as possible for the customer.
For Example:

  • This offer expires tomorrow!
  • This offer is available for the first fifty customers only!
  • Buy now and you could win one year of free mentoring!

7.  Quality Visuals
A page full of just text will not visually stimulate the reader.  Include professionally created graphics, photos, and images.

8.  Bullet Points Break up Text and Focus on a Key Point

  • Provide a list of benefits for quick reading.
  • Help to break-up long chunks of text.
  • Create a perceived sense of added value.
  • List the benefits of your eBook and not the features.

9.  Deliver on Your Promise and Satisfy Your Customer
Once your customer has purchased your eBook you must make sure that you can deliver immediately on what you promised.  After a purchase the customer is excited and wants to see what they have purchased.

Have a look at some well-known eBooks that are being sold and have a look at their sales page.  See how they structure their page following the above guidelines.  You may have not noticed this before, but you will soon see a common pattern on all sales pages.  Learn from what already works!