How to Self-Publish an eBook for FREE

I was once asked if you can truly self-publish an eBook for free. So I took it upon myself to see if I could find ways on Self-Publish an eBook for FREE and yes it can be done. Below I have outlined how you can do it using the free resources available to you. I would still recommend you devote some of your budget to improving on some key areas (e.g. eBook marketing and promotion). This is more of an example of how it can be done and that all authors have the opportunity to write an eBook and that money should never be used as the reason why they can’t do it.

Here’s How to Self-Publish an eBook for FREE

Writing Your eBook

Cost $0: – just your valuable time! You can use word to write your eBook and then convert it by using a free online Word to PDF converter or if you choose to go via a self-publisher such as Smashwords then they have the facility to do this for you in multiple formats including ePub.

If you do not have a computer you can borrow one from a friend or go down to your local library where you can use theirs.

Editing your eBook

Cost $0: – ask a friend who is a school teacher and who is competent in English to read your eBook. You can also connect with fellow authors in online author communities to read over your eBook. Many reading sites and author communities will allow for you to receive feedback from chapters you post.

eBook Cover Design

Cost $0: – you can use royalty-free or your own photos.  Many self-publishing or eBook distribution sites now offer a basic eCover design program you can use to create your own covers.

Getting your eBook in to retail stores

Cost $0: – use free services such as Smashwords where you can upload your eBook for free and have your eBook distributed to the major online stores or network of niche stores. Kindle publishing allows you to upload and sell your eBook for free.

eBook Marketing

Cost $0: There are many free online tools you can use to market and promote your eBook. The majority of online marketing techniques in our Academy are free to use. You can use Twitter, Facebook or a free blog (e.g. to promote and sell your eBook from.

Receiving payments:

Cost $0: – you can set-up an account with one of the many online payment processors such as PayPal where you can often have your money earned from sales delivered straight into your account. There are no joining fees just a commission for each sale.

Free sales widgets:

Many online stores will provide you with widgets promoting your eBook (such as Amazon) that you can distribute to your free blogs or affiliates.

As you can see, through some creative thinking and knowledge it can be done. You can plan, write, promote, publish and distribute your eBook for no up-front costs.

If you are able to designate a small amount of money to becoming a self-published author then the quality of what you produce will be better than if you just use the most basic free resources available.

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