Amazon Makes its First Change to ComiXology


Amazon Makes its First Change to ComiXology

As we know Amazon is the master at acquiring websites, communities, platforms, stores or businesses that pose a threat to their business. What they also do well is to slowly make changes with these new acquisitions that do not rock the boat and upset existing members. Amazon recently included a feature to Goodreads where you can add eBooks and books that you have purchased from Amazon to your Goodreads page. Now with their latest acquisition of ComiXology, they have made their first move in making a change to benefit Amazon.

So What has Changed with ComiXology?
ComiXology is making a move that challenges Apple by retiring their old iPhone and iPad eComic applications. What they are doing instead is releasing new applications that remove the ability to buy comics as ‘in-app’ purchases from Apple devices now forcing consumers to buy them from the online store. From what I have heard you will still be able to continue as previously done if you are using Android.

Is there a New Benefit that Has Come Out of this?
Possibly. ComiXology will likely not have to worry about any potential censorship by Apple. Apple promotes its ‘family-friendly’ store and in keeping with this has often banned comics and graphic novels as it tries to promote this family-friendly position.

Censorship has been a common problem for eBook genres where censorship has occurred for specific titles in the adult fiction and erotica genres. From eBooks stores to PayPal, there have been times when companies have flexed their muscle to impose their views on what customers can purchase. In many cases I agree that certain content is inappropriate. However, there is still a side that wants writers and authors to be able to have the freedom to write about some ‘taboo’ topics.