Two Unique Ways to Promote Your eBook


Two Unique Ways to Promote Your eBook

If you can find a unique eBook marketing technique that fellow authors shy away from then you may be providing yourself with the opportunity to standout. As with all eBook promotion techniques listed in our Academy; the key point is to encourage you to find your own unique way to make sure your eBook stands out from your competition.

1. Start Your Own Radio Show
How about starting your own radio show using podcasts to interview fellow experts in your field? The interviewee will be receiving free promotion for their products or website and you will be gaining free access to an expert who can provide valuable information to your listeners. By doing this you may not be selling your eBook directly, but indirectly. You will be building a list of potential customers who will be able to find your eBook for purchase.

Remember Web 2.0 marketing is not always about selling your eBook directly but more about selling you and your brand!

Your radio show will attract a following of viewers who represent your ideal customer. Once you have gained their trust then they will like to look at more pages on your site. And it is these pages where you can directly sell your eBook from.

Your primary purpose of creating your own radio show is to build your author platform, your brand and get your ideal customers to come to you.
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2. Start Your Own TV / Video Show
Why not establish yourself as a person who has knowledge to share with people who have an interest in your niche topic. Creating your own TV show is basically building a website where you add videos to the site. Or you can also start your own channel on one of the online video sites such as YouTube and build a following there.

If you wrote an eBook on ‘Gardening’ then why not start your own video series using some of the tips and techniques from your eBook.

My first eBook was about tennis coaching so I followed it up by creating videos of the tennis drills actually being demonstrated and performed. At the end of each video I would include a link to where the viewer could go to buy my complete volume of tennis drill eBooks.