The Four Main Stages for Our eBook Marketing System Are


The Four Main Stages for Our eBook Marketing System Are:

Stage 1: Conducting Your Own Research.
This is where you will need to define and research your target audience to identify the people who you know would want to buy your book.  You should conduct some research into your target audience and the size of that market prior to starting your eBook.

Stage 2: eBook Marketing Strategy – How Will You Reach Your Target Audience?
Once you have identified your target audience, you will need to identify ‘how best to get their attention.’  You don’t just want your eBook to get lost in the hundreds or thousands of similar eBooks in your category in a major on retailer’s store.  You need for your eBook to stand out and find new ways to get noticed.

Stage 3: eBook Marketing Action Plan – Techniques and Tools.
This is the stage where you will ‘action’ the marketing tools available to you in order to reach the people who would want to buy your eBook.  Your marketing plan includes the specific actions you will need to undertake in order to achieve the goals of your marketing strategy.  To put it another way; ‘your marketing action plan is the practical application of your marketing strategy.’

You just can’t have a marketing plan without a marketing strategy!  In this section, I have listed some powerful techniques that I have personally used to successfully promote and sell my own eBooks, as well as those of our clients.

Stage 4: Testing and Review of Your Marketing Campaign to Ensure Future Success.
Testing and review is a required and important stage in eBook marketing.  You will need to review which strategies and techniques are working, and which ones are not.  Then make changes so that they do work!

Imagine an eBook marketing plan that is simple, effective, and measurable.  Now imagine that successful marketing plan is yours!

All articles in our ‘eBook Marketing’ department are dedicated to providing you with the information you need to successfully complete all stages and give your eBook the best chance of reaching your target audience.