Five Future Trends that Could Determine the Success of Every Author’s Online Marketing Campaign


Five Future Trends that Could Determine the Success of Every Author’s Online Marketing Campaign

‘Content marketing’ has been the buzz word in marketing circles and the online world for the past year or so. The term ‘Content marketing’ may be grabbing headlines now but what it actually represents is nothing new. Producing and distributing quality and relevant content online is what has and what will most likely drive the success of online marketers and authors well into the future. As an author this includes the content you produce to connect and engage with your ideal readers.

It is always a better option to be ‘proactive’ rather than ‘reactive’ to the technological and online trends that appear to be taking over. What I have noticed over the past ten years in online marketing is that what you do now online may not work next year. You have to always be on top on what is working in online marketing. Social media has dominated for many years and will continue to do in the future.

I have outlined five key trends that you can get a head start on now to ensure your eBook marketing campaign continues to succeed as these new trends take hold.

5 Future Trends in Content Marketing YOU Need to Know About

1. Video Will Dominate
People love video and that will only grow in future years. In fact, some online users prefer video to print when it comes to receiving content. Therefore you must start investing your time and effort in video now. As an author you can capitalise on the video trend by:

  • Creating a trailer for your eBook
  • Conducting and recording an author interview
  • Providing an information video

2. Social Media Will Continue to Be Used to Share Your Content
Social media should not be used for constantly bombarding your potential customers with sales messages. Social media should be used to connect with your audience, build a trusting relationship with them and to encourage them to share your content with others.

You must ‘integrate’ social media into your online marketing campaign to make sure your content reaches your intended target. Not only reach your intended target but to do so on a mass scale. In essence, your social media followers need to act indirectly as ‘champions’ for you and your eBook by letting other people know about you. This can be done via ‘likes,’ ‘re-tweets’ and ‘sharing.’

3. Create Content for Every Stage of the Purchasing Cycle
Well-known and best-selling authors can often sell eBooks based on their name and reputation. When a reader hears about one of their favourite authors publishing a new eBook they will be more likely to buy that eBook just because of who wrote it. First-time and unknown self-published authors have a much more difficult time in getting a reader to buy their eBook.

As an unknown author you will need to create, produce and deliver quality content to your potential customer at every stage of the purchasing cycle. Simply posting an article to your blog and hoping they find it will not be enough. Companies are pouring millions of dollars into controlling the data on their customers because they need this information to better understand their customer’s purchasing journey.

When you know and understand the habits and behaviour of your customers then you will be more informed when tailoring content to influence their behaviour and convert them into buying customers. There are various stages that a reader will go through in finding, connecting and then buying an eBook from a new author. They include:

  • Finding you
  • Discovering your content
  • Engaging with you (free sample, comments, subscribing, emailing)
  • Developing a trust in you
  • Taking up your offers (buying your eBook)
  • Coming back for more (buying future eBooks from you)

4. The World is Going Mobile…….Has Gone Mobile!
There is an increasing acceleration in the uptake of mobile devices. When it comes to mobile content, users expect to get a ‘unique experience’ from the content they read, listen to or watch.

Countries such as India, where there are over a billion people, are just getting started in the mobile and internet trend. As an author you must consider how your content is delivered to mobile devices. An author website and blog will continue to be a requirement. Only now your websites must be ‘responsive’ so content fits to a mobile device.

One key note to make for the mobile world is that people are ‘time -conscious’ and often impatient. They want their content now and they want to get it in small quantities. What this means for an author is that instead of producing a long-winded 30 minute video interview or 10 minute trailer, you will need to deliver a shorter video that gets to the point more quickly (2 – 5 minutes)

5. Sharing Content Will Play a Major Role in the Success of Your eBook
The content you create must be ‘sharable.’ People can share your content by using the ‘share buttons’ you see on most pages. They often have an icon representing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and so on. You want people to find your content and then share it with others. This is viral marketing at its best and can be the difference between obscurity and becoming the next best-selling author.

If you wish to sell eBooks now and into the future then you must continue promoting your eBooks indefinitely. The way you promote your eBooks will also depend on the growing trends in how people connect and communicate online. By staying on top of future trends in content marketing you will be giving yourself the best chance of staying at the top of your game and may just carve a lifetime career out of writing.