6 Quick Tips for Authors Who Want to Get Noticed on Facebook


Facebook for Authors

When I first joined Facebook and created my profile, that was all I thought there was to it. However, I soon found out that there are many Facebook members, like myself, who never ventured outside of their own little world and as a result missed out on many great opportunities to self-promote. As soon as I devoted the required time to building my profile on Facebook, I started to achieve the results I was after.

Here Are 6 Tips for Authors Who Want to Get Noticed on Facebook:

1.    Your Own Page – Create a page for your eBook and let people join as fans. You can provide incentives for them to join by giving away free eBooks, sample chapters, reports etc.

2.    Join Groups – Enter the key words for your niche topic into the search box to find established groups you can join. This is a great place to interact and promote yourself.

3.    Your Own Profile – Carefully craft your profile that appears on your home page. This little box is a great way to promote yourself and your eBook.

4.    Advertising – Directly reach your ideal customer via pay per click ads.

5.    Marketplace – Post your eBook for sale in the Facebook marketplace. This is a classified advertising area but may be worthwhile in reaching your customers.

6.    Your Own Event – Host your own event or join someone else’s.

Facebook has become a powerful marketing tool for businesses as well as authors. There are many tools that you can explore and add to your Facebook page.