Answering Questions in Online ‘Question and Answer’ Sites


Answering Questions in Online ‘Question and Answer’ Sites

I first discovered this technique when I typed a question into a search engine regarding a health topic I was researching and one of the top sites listed in the search engines was ‘Yahoo Groups’ with this keyword phrase in their headline.  That was a ‘light bulb’ moment for identifying a way to further promote myself in my field of expertise.

Along with Yahoo, there are several other websites which specialize in questions and answers on various topics.  Some question-based websites are on a specific subject area that may be related to your eBook topic which would be a fantastic find.  Others offer more generalized questions on which virtually anything can be asked or answered.

The way that many of these sites work is that some will ask a question and they will then view all the answers before picking the answer which in their opinion is the best answer.  Once they have decided on the best answer they will then select this as the most relevant response to their question.  If your answer is selected as the best response, then it will be displayed as the most appropriate answer to that question.  The benefit for you is that all future users will be able to view your profile from your answer and find out more about you and possibly your eBook from there.

Therefore, as you can see you can’t sell your eBook in your answer as you won’t be chosen to have your answer displayed.  However, you are indirectly selling your eBook via your author bio and your brand.

By answering the question in a professional manner you will be able to demonstrate that you are an expert or authority on this particular topic and the reader may then click on that ‘all important’ link to your site.