3 Quick Tips to Build Your Lists and Online Audience in 2014


3 Quick Tips to Build Your Lists and Online Audience in 2014

One of the key metrics for success in online marketing is being able to build a list of your target audience. The challenge for novice online marketers is just how do you build your list? Here are some key points to assist you in converting ‘interested’ viewers to ‘loyal subscribers.’

After being involved in online marketing for the past ten years I have learned from first-hand experience what to do as well as what not to do when it comes to growing my list of loyal subscribers. In this article I am putting on my ‘online marketers’ hat and talking about 3 tips to help you build your lists that you can implement right away.

1. Offer Unique Premium Content for Free!
Have you ever signed-up for an online newsletter, free eBook or free webinar? I can tell you I have plenty of times. But only when what is on offer is worth handing over my personal details of name and email address.

Make sure the content you produce, whether in your blog or via a free eBook is of high quality and provides the reader with unique content. If you are using a free eBook just to further sell or promote yourself then you will lose the subscriber. This applies to authors of fiction, make sure if you provide a free eBook of chapters that they are compelling enough to convert the reader into buying your entire eBook.

2. Personalize your Message
You must build trust with your subscribers. When they trust you they will be confident in buying a product or service from you and they will see you as the expert. They will return to your blog on a regular basis and will opt-in for future promotions.

3. Your Landing Page Must Achieve its Goal of Converting the Viewer.
To capture a person’s details you must create a landing page that contains a form where people can enter their name and email address in exchange for the immediate download. When the visitor is at this stage it is vital you do not distract them with other offers, advertising banners on the side, Google AdWords on the page or links to other pages.  You must have a strong ‘call-to-action’ that converts them right here and then before they get distracted and leave the page.