3 Immediate Steps to Improve Your eBook Marketing Efforts


3 Immediate Steps to Improve Your eBook Marketing Efforts

The main reason eBooks International  launched our Author Academy was to help authors learn how to successfully market and promote their eBooks without making the common first-time author mistakes. In other words, avoid the mistakes I made ten years ago because there was very little online help for self-published authors. Paying thousands of dollars to an eBook marketing service provider without guaranteed return was not an option. And it should still not be something you consider today as no-one will put more effort into marketing your eBook than you! We share the same online marketing techniques the best-selling authors use to hit the big time.

What Not to Do
When I see authors consistently making the same mistakes, I wish I could get a hold of them and let them know why their eBook marketing campaigns are not working. Wasting your time as an author is not a productive way to pursue a career in writing and self-publishing.

From a personal perspective, I constantly receive Email requests from authors wanting help. Due to many commitments I simply do not have the time to respond to all Emails I receive. And I especially do not have the time to review eBooks. When I receive these Emails I know immediately that the author is doing it all wrong. I imagine this is a similar response from most people receiving unsolicited emails from authors wanting help.

Typical Email Requests I Receive:
An Email from a an unknown author asking me to read and review their eBook (that would take many days and hours)
An Email from a an unknown author asking me to publish their eBook (our Author Academy provides authors with this information)

Don’t get me wrong, I have a passion for helping people. Unfortunately my time is dedicated to all authors and members as well as devoting time to writing and self-publishing my own eBooks.

What to Do
Instead of sending out random email requests your time would be better spent on the following:

1. Sell from Your Author Website
A common mistake made by many authors is to try and use their social media accounts for a hard-hitting sales pitch about buying their eBook. This is one sure way to lose followers and most do not take too well to being bombarded with sales pitches. Social media is a tool used to engage your target audience and establish a relationship with them. Think of it as ‘lead generation. Design your author website so you can strategically place your eBooks in front of your readers. Often, you can place your eBook covers in the right column and as the viewer scrolls down the page reading your ‘informative content’ they will see your eBooks.

2. Review Your ‘Little Black Book’ of Influential People
Self-published author Amanda Hocking’s story has been widely publicized. One of the main techniques used by Amanda was to contact bloggers who had an ‘influence’ over her target audience. These bloggers then wrote about her eBook which started the mass interest in her eBooks. Do you have a list of ‘influential’ people for your genre or category?

You should start working on a list of:
1. Influential bloggers in your genre
2. Social media commentators on your genre
3. Friends who would ‘champion’ your eBook and spread the word to friends
4. Your existing network and list of loyal fans
5. Groups within communities (Goodreads) where your ideal readers hang out

Once you have your lists you should create a strategic personalized Email to each group with a benefit to them that will ultimately lead to them promoting your eBook. In order to succeed in selling eBooks you must leverage your network to help sell your eBook for you.

3. Pay a Professional Graphic Designer
A poorly designed eBook cover, logo, banner, author website or amateurish looking photo is an instant eBook killer! What you first put in front of people must reflect the quality of your writing.

Write down all your points of contact with your target audience and review the design and graphics you are currently using. This includes your author website, Twitter and Facebook pages to author profile page photos on community sites such as GoodReads. If any photos or graphics do not represent you and your eBook in a professional way then you are doing more harm than good.