18 Important Tips to Make Sure Your eBook Marketing Campaign Gets a Fast Start


18 Important Tips to Make Sure Your eBook Marketing Campaign Gets a Fast Start

There are many things you can do on your own to help promote and market your eBook. Here are 18 quick tips to help get started in promoting your eBook. Some need to be done well before your eBook has been published and some should be on your ‘to do’ list when your eBook is live and available for sale.

1.    Research, study and identify your audience. Once you know who would want to buy your eBook then you can start finding and connecting with them.

2.    Make contact with people already in your life and let them know about your eBook. This includes; family, friends, co-workers, classmates, colleagues.

3.    Strive to consistently keep your name and eBooks in front of your audience. Once you go quiet, so will the sales for your eBook. Learn from Hugh Howey who is constantly appearing in news stories.

4.    Get a professional looking photo to use on your author profile pages.

5.    Write a great author bio.

6.    Write a powerful and compelling synopsis .

7.    Hopefully you would have started a blog well-before your eBook has been published. If you haven’t, then you will need to fast-track setting up a blog or author website.

8.    Leverage the power of free social media sites to connect with your ideal readers.

9.    Make your presence known on sites that are dedicated to your eBooks’ category. Interact with the site’s members and make yourself known!

10.    Set up your author profile page on all online eBook stores where you are selling your eBook. First, start with Amazon. Be consistent in what you write from site to site. This is where you can copy and paste your bio and also use the same photo.

11.    Set up a Google News Alert and monitor conversations or posts made about you or your eBook. This will help you to stay on top of the chatter and comments regarding your eBook.

12.    It is always recommended to host your own website or blog on your own domain. To do this you will need to conduct a search on GoDaddy and find a domain you like and that is still available to purchase.

13.    If you are an author of non-fiction then share your knowledge so you become the expert on your topic.

14.    Conduct a pre-launch eBook marketing campaign and generate excitement and anticipation for the release of your eBook. This way you can get ‘ready-to-go’ buyers as soon as your eBook is published.

15.    Source and encourage reviews. Amazon loves reviews as do many other online retailers. Collecting some great reviews for your eBook can be a powerful promotional tool.

16.    You should consider an online eBook or book tour. There is often a cost associated with various sites so do your due diligence first and identify if there will be a return on your investment.

17.    The majority of best-selling authors are prolific writers. Get started on your next eBook if you haven’t done so already. The more eBooks you have the more publicity you can generate.

18.    Create a spreadsheet of people who you want to be in contact with. This includes those people who have an influence over your audience, media outlets, press release sites (eBookPressReleases.com), bloggers, online retailers, fellow authors.