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eBook Authors


eBook Authors

There is a lot that you can learn from your fellow writers and authors. We cover the latest news regarding eBook authors whether they are self-published or contracted to a publishing company.

eBook Authors

Writers Conference and Publishing Events Calendar

Writers' conferences and festivals are increasing in popularity. In Australia, there is the Sydney Writers' Festival which attracts an audience of more than 85,000 in hundreds of events that take place across Sydney

Literary Awards for Self-published Authors

Literary Awards for Self-published Authors Some Literary Awards still refuse to recognize the achievements of self-published authors. When self-published eBooks are hitting the best-seller lists on a weekly basis it is quite ignorant not to

Reach the New York Times Best-seller List

Just about every author I have been in contact with has the goal and dream of becoming a best-selling author. They envision seeing their eBook alongside the best-selling authors such as E.L. James, J.K. Rowling

Why Authors Must Stop Playing Hard to Find

Our Author Academy is dedicated to empowering you with the knowledge to become a successful author who sells more eBooks. But why do some authors make it difficult to be found online? As an author, obscurity