Why Authors Must Stop Playing Hard to Find

Authors Must Stop Playing Hard to Find! It’s that simple if you are a self-published author and want to sell more eBooks! Our Author Academy is dedicated to empowering you with the knowledge to become a successful author who sells more eBooks. But why do some authors make it difficult to be found online? As an author, obscurity will lead to failure so you need to make sure you and your eBooks can be discovered online.

Hugh Howey, John Locke, Amanda Hocking and EL James are everywhere online. This is why they are best-selling authors and make millions of dollars from writing eBooks. They are not shy and they understand that they must be a little unique and in some cases controversial to maintain a presence in the public eye. They are also ‘contactable’ via email, responding to comments posted on their blog or via social media. They constantly engage and interact online.

Are You Easy to Find Online? Do You Make it Easy for Fans to Contact You?
If not, then you have a problem that may explain why you are not selling eBooks. The first step to fixing an issue is ‘identifying the problem’ and then acknowledging that there is a problem. If this is you, then let’s move on to fixing the problem and make you more ‘discoverable’ online.

If You Can:

  • Increase your online visibility
  • Increase your ‘influential’ status
  • Increase your social media friends and followers
  • Increase those reading posts on your blog
  • Increase the opportunity for your fans to contact and connect with you

….. then you will increase the sales of your eBooks!

Are You Making One of these Mistakes?

  • Are you selling your eBooks on Amazon but do not have an author profile on Amazon?
  • Are you on Goodreads but do not have an updated and informative author profile?
  • Do you have your author Facebook page set to private?
  • Are you on Twitter but do not engage your followers or respond to questions?
  • Do you have an author website but do not respond to emails from your fans?
  • If you answer yes to one or all of these questions then now is the time to put a plan of action together to make sure you are more ‘discoverable’ and ‘contactable.’

Your To Do List:

  • Make your author Facebook page public (please don’t do this if it is also your private page)
  • Make sure the contact form on your website is working
  • Respond to your Twitter fans
  • Update or add an author profile to your Amazon page
  • Seek out those ‘influencers’ for your genre and get in contact with them
  • Respond to Emails
  • Get your eBooks into all of the online stores (including niche genre stores)
  • Google your eBook titles in Google to see if they appear on the first two pages.
  • Google your author name in Google to see if they appear on the first two pages
  • Visit Amazon and online eBook stores to see if your eBook is easily found

…..If you can’t find your eBooks online then how do you expect your potential customers to find them?

If this article is applicable to you then I look forward to hearing your story if you are able to turn your self-publishing career into a successful one by implementing these very simple, yet powerful steps, to increasing your online visibility.

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